Nuevas Firmas del 2009

Venezuelans Juan Urbina and Gabriel Tenia are prospects that can't sign until the the above mentioned July second date. Urbina is a 6-1 162 LHP who won't turn 16 yrs until May 31 and Tenia is 6-0 187 infielder who will turn 16 yrs in January 18, however both Urbina and Tenia had a cup of coffee playing this Fall in the Venezuelan Paralela league (Developemt league) as 15 yrs. A league where there are players who have been playing profesionally for 3-4 years.

Fellow Venezuelans Reinaldo Burgos, Eliz Jimenez and Ricardo Garcia also played some in the paralela league as a amteur this fall, but unlike Urbina and Tenia they can sign a profesional contract any time as they have the age for. Burgos an OF is 6-1 175 R/R (Just turned 17 yrs in November) Jimenez also an outfielder will turn 17 yrs in June and Garcia a infielder the old man in this group will turn 18 yrs in March.