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Los Mejores 40 Prospectos Latinos del Momento

Hector Flores

Grande Liga
5 de Junio de 2007
:arrow: Aqui consegui esta Información donde aparecen los 40 Mejores Prospectos del Beisbol actualmente.

1. Neftali Feliz - RHP (Rangers) Dominican Republic 8.825 - A triple digit fastball that usually sits in the 94-96 range and an excellent curve ball make him an ace in waiting. He still needs some minor league seasoning to work on his command, but if he has success you will see him before the 2009 season is complete. He was signed by the Braves for $100,000 and was part of the Mark Teixeira trade.

2. Pedro Alvarez - 3B (Pirates) Dominican Republic 8.025 - He was born in the Dominican Republic but has played baseball most of his life in New York, the Washington Heights area where Manny Ramirez made such a splash. He was drafted in the first round by the Pirates and signed for $6.355 million.

3. Fernando Martinez - OF (Mets) Dominican Republic 7.325 - Fernando signed for $1.3 million but has had trouble staying healthy. He has always contributed with the bat even though he is one of the youngest players in the league. The concern is that he is not a true centerfielder, and may not hit for enough pop to fit offensivly in left field.

4. Angel Villalona 1b (Giants) Dominican Republic 6.35 - Angel was signed as a thirdbaseman but got too big for the position and appears to have first base in his future. He’s got the stick to be an offensive weapon. The Giants signed him for a club record $2.1 million, that has since been surpassed.

5. Carlos Santana - C (Indians) Dominican Republic 6.3 - Signed by the Dodgers for $75,000, they gave him to the Indians for Casey Blake. The question is - will the Indians show enough patience with him to allow him to develop as a catcher or will they rush him to the major leagues to get his potent bat in the lineup. He’s got the offense where he could contribute at the first base position. Carlos Delgado got his start as a catcher.

6. Alcides Escobar - SS (Brewers) Venezuela 6.275 - A $33,000 signing bonus makes one wonder why major league teams gamble on million dollar contracts for 16 year olds. Alcides will be the Brewers starting shortstop in 2010 and it could happen in 2009 if they are out of the race. Welcome to third base J.J. Hope you like it better than Mike Young.

7. Carlos Carrasco - RHP (Phillies) Venezuela 5.925 - The Phillies signed Carlos for $300,000 and he will probably see a full year in AAA. It’s tough for the defending World series champion to give a rookie the fifth starter’s job. There are many that also question Carlos toughness to survive in the major leagues if he is touched up for a number of runs. He does have a nice fastball/change combination, but the last thing a champion needs is someone who crumbles under pressure.

8. Yonder Alfonso - 1B (Reds) Cuba 5.9 - He was born in Cuba where his dad played and coached for the Havana Industriales. Yonder has played most of his baseball in the United States and was drafted in the first round by the Reds, signing a major league contract worth a $2 million bonus. He won’t win any gold gloves at first base so his bat has to justify him at this position.

9. Elvis Andrus - SS (Rangers) Venezuela 5.5 - The Rangers have moved Michael Young to third base to accommodate the glove of Andrus. He signed with the Braves for $600,000, another potential all star the Braves gave up for the half a year use of Mark Teixeira.

10. Michael Inoa RHP (Athletics) Dominican Republic 4.35 - The A’s made a big splash, signing Inoa for $4.25 million when other teams were offering more. He’s got good height for a pitcher and already wings it in the low 90s, pretty good for a pitcher that won’t turn 18 until September.

11. Jesus Montero C (Yankees) Venezuela 4.3 - At 6′4″ many feel he will be too big for catcher. He does have the bat that if he doesn’t pan out at catcher he could fit at another position. The Yankees signed him for $1,65 million.

12. Jhouyls Chacin RHP (Rockies) Venezuela 3.9 - His 18 wins led the minor leagues last year and he is 31-10 for his minor league career. Those are numbers the Rockies would like to see in the major leagues.

13. Wilmer Flores SS/2B (Mets) Venezuela 3.675 - He is still listed generously as a shortstop but he will bulk up and have to move to a position where his lack of range won’t hurt him. He’s got the bat for third, but won’t overtake David Wright so second base or a corner outfield is ripe for him. Since he turns 18 in August the Mets have plenty of time to find his position. He was a $750,000 signing for the Mets.

14. Carlos Triunfel SS/2B (Mariners) Dominican Republic 3.675 - Ironic that he gets the same grade as Wilmer Flores, two shortstops that are traveling the same path, they will get too big and immobile for shortstop and have to find another position. With Beltre being a free agent soon third base could be the most open position for Carlos. The Mariners signed him for $1.3 million.

15. Jose Tabata OF (Yankees) Venezuela 3.525 - Having a 43 year old wife who has many aliases certainly confirms the character issues of Jose. The player can hit, but his temper is quick and now his wife finds herself in trouble with the law for borrowing a kid. Not something the Pirates want to see from their top prospect. Perhaps he is older than his listed age of 20 years old which would justify more his 43 year old wife.

16. Greg Hallman OF (Mariners) Netherlands 3.175 - He struck out 9 times in 11 WBC at bats and contact has been one thing he needs to improve on. But if he puts it all together he has the potential to be a five tool talent. The Mariners signed the European prospect for a bargain $130,000.

17. Philippe Aumont RHP (Mariners) Canada 2.8 - First it was Felix Hernandez that they treated with kid gloves. The new pitcher on the block is Aumont, who signed for $1.9 million as a first round draft pick. He throws in the mid 90s but a sore elbow limited him to 56 innings last year and prevented him from pitching for Canada in the Olympics. Because of Canada’s quick elimination in the WBC, he only pitched one inning in that event. His 6′7″ height makes a consistent delivery challenging.

18. Nick Weglarz OF (Indians) Canada 2.525 - He’s already performed well in international competetion. His focus now will be cracking the Indians outfield. He doesn’t have the speed to cover a lot of ground, so he will be restricted to the corners, or he could move to first base. It would be difficult to put both Matt LaPorta and Weglarz at your corners. Nick was drafted in the third round and signed for $435,000.

19. Gorkys Hernandez OF (Braves) Venezuela 2.5 - The Braves stole Gorkys from the Tigers for Edgar Renteria. Eventually, he should man the centerfield position, but the Braves are stocked with outfielders. He is a lead off style hitter that will not hit a lot of homeruns.

20. Martin Perez LHP (Rangers) Venezuela 1.975 - He signed for $580,000 and for a lefthander he has an above average fastball with a good curveball. The best thing going for him is that he has good command from his pitches.

21. Brett Lawrie C/2B (Brewers) Canada 1.6 - He was drafted as a catcher, but the Brewers have already moved him to second base to speed his bat into the lineup. He already had excellent speed for a catcher so he should be as serviceable as a Dan Uggla is at second base.

22. Wilin Rosario C (Rockies) Dominican Republic 1.4 - His bat broke out in the rookie league so he will get his first shot at a full season league. This will also give him an opportunity to work with a pitching staff during an extended season.

23. Max Ramirez 1b (Rangers) Venezuela 1.225 - He is the Rangers best hitting catcher, but his defense will not allow him to survive at the position. Look for a move to first base where his bat will be adequate for the position.

24. Dayan Viciedo 3B (White Sox) Cuba 1 - The White Sox had a lot of success with the Cuban Missle Alexei Ramirez that they signed another Cuban exile. It took a $4 miilion bonus and $10 million in guaranteed money, a lot of money to spend for someone who appears to love the taste of Big Macs. He has lost a lot of weight, but he is still a big man and ultimately may find that first base is the only position for him.

25. Oscar Tejeda SS/3b (Red Sox) Dominican Republic .95 - He signed for $525,000 and made his debut in 2007 as a 17 year old, hitting over .290. He will not have the range to cover shortstop as he fills out so expect a move to third base. He will need to develop his power to be a goo fit there.

26. Engel Beltre OF (Red Sox) Dominican Repbublic .825 - The Red Sox signed Engel for $600,000 then sent him to the Rangers in a can we have a mulligan like trade for Eric Gagne. Beltre has 5-tool potential that has yet to show the power game, but it will come.

27. Wilson Ramos C (Twins) Venezuela .75 - He will be an adequate catcher who hits for power. Since the Twins have Joe Mauer there is no need to rush him. He still needs to improve on what pitches to swing at.

28. Gerardo Parra OF (Diamondbacks) Venezuela .65 - He had an excellent winter league performance and that has translated to the spring, providing temptation to the Rangers that the future could be the present. He won’t hit for a lot of power and he doesn’t cover a lot of ground typical of a Gold Glove centerfielder so he could end up a tweener.

29. Junichi Tazawa RHP (Red Sox) Japan .625 - Normally, Japanese “prospects” are over 30 and have played nine years or more in the Japanese professional league. Junichi is the one true prospect that is only 22 and the Red Sox signed him to a 3-year contract with a $1.8 million bonus. He’s not a big guy so he must show good command of his low 90s fastball and splitter to have success in the major leagues. He seems to be doing that in spring training and providing temptation for the win now Red Sox to carry him on their roster in the bullpen.

30. Kenshin Kawakami RHP (Braves) Japan .55 - Not really a prospect since he has played a number of years with the Japanese professional league. But he’s eligible to win the rookie of the year award so he qualifies on this prospect list if someone boted for him.

31. Hecotr Gomez SS (Rockies) Dominican Republic .475 - He only got three at bats last year before a shin injury and then an elbow injury sidelined him for the rest of the season. He’s got a flashy glove but may not hit well enough to justify his superior defense.

32. Jefry Marte 3B (Mets) Dominican Republic .175 - He doesn’t quite have the tools as Wilmer Flores so if Wilmer moves to third Jefry may have to find another position. He makes good contact so he will hit for high average, take his share of walks and hit for average power.

33. Ivan Dejesus SS (Dodgers) Puerto Rico .15 - The Dodgers hope to have him after the All Star break after a broken tibia put a black mark to his season. If his name sounds familiar he is the son of Ivan DeJesus so his bloodlines for surviving at short are good. He won’t hit for a lot of power or steal bases, but he plays a solid shortstop.

34. Koji Uehara RHP (Orioles) Japan .125 - He’s in the same boat as Kawakami, to old to be considered a prospect, but eligible for rookie of the year honors.

35. Adys Portillo RHP (Padres) Venezuela .025 - He signed for $2 million in July and has yet to appear in a minor league game. As a 17 year old his fastball already touches 95 and he’s got a good pitcher’s frame at 6′3″.

36. Yorman Rodriguez OF (Reds) Venezuela - The Reds signed him for $2.5 million. Yorman has above average power and tremendous speed, but no minor league experience so we will see how the talent responds to challenges.

37. Juan Francisco 3B (Reds) Dominican Republic - He showed tremendous power in winter ball. If he gets any thicker he will outgrow third base.

38. Michael Almanzar 3B (Red Sox) Dominican Republic - He signed for $1.5 million and arrived with great expectations. While he hasn’t disappointed, he doesn’t come with the tools that were originally advertised. He’s a below average runner and lacks a quick first step, which could make playing third base a challenge.

39. Kyle Lotzkar RHP (Reds) Canada - He was drafted in the 53th round and his fastball hit 96 on the radar. He missed some of the season with a stress fracture in his elbow. His curveball and change are major league quality.

40. Neftali Soto 3B (Reds) Puerto Rico - The Reds traded Brandon Waring to give Neftali more of an opportunity. He’s got a long swing that develops his power, but he also has excellent hand-eye coordination to hit for average. He lacks speed and athleticism.

Dominican Republic - 14

Venezuela -14

Canada - 4

Japan - 3

Cuba - 2

Puerto Rico - 2

Netherlands -1


Miembro del equipo
27 de Agosto de 2008
Dices "Los Mejores 40 Prospectos Latinos del Momento" pero en esa lista salen tambien jugadores de canada, holanda y otros paises no latinos.

Hector Flores

Grande Liga
5 de Junio de 2007
:arrow: Podriamos cambiarle el titulo a "Los 40 Mejores Prospectos Extrajeros"

:arrow: Claro esto seria dentro del sistema de las ligas menores y cuando digo "extranjeros" lo digo por no ser jugadores estado unidenses.l

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