2 Nuevas Promesas Venezolanas Entran en Rumores con Reportes

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:arrow: Mas Abajo esta toda la Info en Ingles recordandoles que el segundo muchacho de quien se va ha hablar es primo de Kevim Escobar y que ademas aunque no se menciona en esta conversacion hay otro primo de Kelvin llamado "Edwin Escobar" del cual hable anteriormente que tambien es un gran prospecto.A continuacion aqui esta la Info copiada.

In Venezuela, a few arms have generated some attention, including 16-year-old righthander Alving Megias. Some scouts see a pitcher throwing 87-89 with full legs, a maxed out body and limited upside. Others have seen him top out at 93 mph with sink, command of a mid-70s curveball and feel for a changeup with some sink and deception.

"He has a very clean arm," said one scout. "He's got command and he's effortless; he's not a guy who is prone to injury because of the way he throws and repeats (his delivery)."

The Red Sox, Indians and Dodgers have all been linked to Megias.
The Red Sox have also been strongly linked to 6-foot-2 lefthander Vicente Escobar, though the Indians have also been mentioned. Some scouts have never heard of Escobar, who lives in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, but those who have seen him in the past say he's pitched regularly at 89 mph, touching 90-91.

"The body is kind of iffy," said one scout. "He's got a good arm, but you just don't know how big he's going to get. He's a guy who's high on some people's lists."
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